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Peculiarities of the Paranormal Field

What’s it take to be odd in a subject full of oddities?

The following is an excerpt with permissions from the book The Van Meter Visitor – A True & Mysterious Encounter With The Unknown

“”Cryptozoological DerivationsExploring the possible connection to countless other creature sightings

…As hinted with the potential ultraterrestrial theory, all the rules might be summed up best with just one: there are no rules that we know of. This rule is not conventionally helpful, however very nurturing when brainstorming the pre-model stage of the scientific method. Sadly, free-associating is something that the paranormal field is not short of. More to that ultraterrestrial point with this case, it is imperative to look at exactly what Gilbert was reported as saying in the papers:

“…when suddenly to the northwest there appeared a thing. I don’t know what to call it. It looked to me like a brilliant rainbow folded into compact mass, moving rapidly through the air.”

Wow…a lot and nothing to go with there all at the same time. Assuming that this entire sighting is not a piece of fiction, it is interesting to me how similar some aspects of the witnesses experiences mirror those of more common unexplained reports I’ve investigated. There are parts that it seems like a UFO sighting, or someone on Skinwalker Ranch, which is also in Utah. The Skinwalker Ranch has had countless mind bending reports such as watching a mysterious looking “doorway” open in the middle of the air, only to have shadows and lights come through from what appears to be another time or place. I have personally investigated a region in Wisconsin with just such a legend. Annaton is a very rural area with a big mystery known to only a few. It is rumored that every so often people witness some sort of doorway open up on the sides of the bluffs. Through this portal it appears to be a different time of day and perhaps a different time era. Even if the entire sighting on Stansbury Island proves to be false, the opportunity to make a valid if not intricate point remains. It would be easy to view such experiences as magic or the experiencer as crazy. Notwithstanding, I feel it is conceivable that we are dealing with some as of yet unknown phenomena that may one day be explained in part or in full by applying the scientific method. These observed events, as unusual as they may seem now, in the future could be determined to be a natural state of the universe we live in or controlled by other intelligence.

There are times on my adventures where no amount of talent could describe the events that have occurred in any realistic vein, because I feel they deal with alternative realities that we have yet to fully comprehend. When presented in the wrong way or in the wrong context, the people involved can look foolish at best. At worst, they may inaccurately seem downright psychotic or outright crafting the whole experience themselves. This all has been said before in many ways by those who go looking into the strange and unexplained for any length of time. From outside of the paranormal field, and even to many in the field of study, this ultraterrestrial model can seem like a lazy response to complicated data. I, myself, may have held such beliefs in my younger years, only to become one of those researchers decades later seemingly walking around an invisible answer, pointing the whole time telling people it is right there in front of them. To my perhaps unique life experiences, it seems like Gilbert of the Stansbury Island Creature sighting may simply be a person attempting to speak about an experience for which we have no language. Whenever that is seemingly the case, it has further been my experience that the listener, attempting to comprehend what is being communicated, may find it easier to dismiss the experience and the experiencer as irrational and wrong. Herein lies my challenge to you, the reader. Remain objective above all else, but also challenge your beliefs no matter how objectively obtained. Be willing to evolve, change, remove and replace part or all of your belief system when introduced to new applicable data. Do not dismiss possibility because it is unfamiliar or difficult. Relegate that which you have determined unlikely to that category only after you have sincerely and objectively reviewed all available data.

There was a sort of precedence set for this Great Salt Lake event surrounding the Stansbury Island, whether the area residents knew in 1903 or not. There were documented sightings of creatures in and around the lake in 1877 and three decades prior to that. Looking even further back into the oral traditions of the native peoples of the area reveals the Giant Mosquito Monster. The problem, among many, is that even looking at the whole picture doesn’t prove anything. The anecdotal data of previous sightings in the area does not demonstrate proof either for the existence of a mysterious creature nor in the existence of a fictitious article published in the newspaper. Quantifiable and verifiable data is difficult to come by in more modern investigations, let alone researching cases from more than a century earlier. So what can we learn today from more modern data that may apply to our Van Meter case in 1903? It brings us to a slightly more tangible potential source of the Van Meter Visitor.

The National Science Foundation has a project focusing in part on flora and fauna population estimates. Their “Tree of Life” project estimates that in addition to the 1.7 million identified and known species on the planet Earth, there may be as many as 100 million in total. That’s a big number of species on this planet and only a small percentage of them identified. Add to that the sobering statistic from the UN Environment Program that estimates 73,000 species become extinct—annually. That is more than an estimated 800,000 species extinct since the 1903 Visitor sightings. How many of those species that are gone forever were never even documented? Perhaps the last two of a lost species were witnessed around Van Meter in 1903? One might additionally consider that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimates that 95% of the world’s oceans remain unexplored and unseen by human eyes.

All of these big numbers and interesting percentages don’t prove anything specifically. I do feel that it begins to show the situation in an objective scientific light. It reveals a huge possibility, if not probability in a quantitative perspective. Indeed, the most recent estimates by the International Ornithological Congress put the number of different bird species worldwide at 10,448. I further feel that this illumination of a fringe topic easily pushed aside by detractors using low brow emotion reveals the very real issue, very worthy of further research and investigation by scientists. Moreover, including the observational experiences of witnesses that can either be verified by other data or add new data sets to the pool of information on the subject will undoubtedly aid in revealing answers over the long term. What those answers are as of yet is open to speculation. In truth, we are still formulating the questions.

To revisit all these numbers another way, is there a case to be made if there are upwards of 98.2 million species yet to be identified on the planet and 95% of the world’s unexplored oceans for them to currently call home? Shouldn’t scientists by definition take an interest in such “monstrous” reports? Of course, to clarify, when some organizations cite numbers such as these they are speaking towards many new species that will likely be more different on a subtle singular characteristic, rather than larger overt ones such as horns that emit light. However, the potential remains for an eight-foot-tall winged creature to be discovered, especially in the world’s oceans. Not that I’m one to seek out debate, or evangelise my view, but this is only one of several clear reasons why I find my adventures into the paranormal worthy of my limited resources.


These points, of course, leave out the most poignant area of paranormal study. The possibility of more supernatural explanations is an entire supplementary arena of variables to consider. Whether we are discussing the countless bigfoot sightings occurring in conjunction with UFOs or otherworldly portals appearing and disappearing before witnesses’ eyes, there are plenty of odd potentials to explore as sources for the Van Meter Visitor. As you may likely gather from my writing, my current personal favorite is exploring quantum physics and those theories attempting to explain multiple dimensions in order to make broader scientific theories unite. To clarify an important point in regards to our research and investigation into things such as the Van Meter Visitor, we should adjust our terminology. The issue is a small one of semantics. The scientifically inclined paranormal investigator is seeking as much quantifiable data as possible. This data can hopefully then, over a span of time, be used to reveal trends. These trends can be used to create profiles. These profiles of any particular phenomena can then become models. It is these models that scientists can then form into a testable theory due to a certain extent of predictability. This, of course, in the paranormal field is where things can get a bit mushy if not outlandishly difficult even with a healthy budget—which nearly never happens. Not to be taken lightly, these multiple dimension models are put forth by some of the most brilliant minds holding some of the brightest IQs today. There are several of these models and theories, such as M and String. These areas hold great chances to explain the possible sources of all things paranormal. Ultraterrestrial existence becomes a more palatable source for many of the more unusual reports that I go investigating, the more I get “out there.” Adding more quality data to build a better ultraterrestrial model around may hold new answers to future generations.””


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