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EVP Maker - EVP Maker (Electronic Voice Phenomenon Maker) builds upon the unique approach of experimenting with making audio recordings while ghost hunting.  What EVP Maker does is to allow the ghost hunter toEVP Maker screenshot and free download easily play different 'static' noise backgrounds while on investigation.  There are several audio streams that the software produces using pieces of recordings.  What this does for your EVPs or ghost hunting data, is yet to be fully understood or determined.  Keep experimenting, just stay objective.  If the process or equipment (including software) doesn't seem to make sense, or continue your research down an objective path, move on. 

EVP Maker free download

The old adage "you get what you pay for" while true in most situations, we have found EVP Maker to be adequate for the ghost hunter on a budget.  It is also recommended by to try out this free software, using it to determine what qualities and features you would like to see in the software you end up purchasing.  That's just us, we're big on being informed consumers.  That includes ghost hunters! 

EVP Maker software and others like it are used by some paranormal investigators to analyze audio recordings of paranormal investigation sites.  These recordings are then typically searched for EVP or electronic voice phenomena.  That is to say disembodied voices appearing in the audio recording that are normally not noticed by the paranormal investigators during the investigation.  This is a complex area of research and requires a high understanding of many disciplines to complete correctly.  The key word is correctly or by removing and minimizing as many known possible explanations for data corruption.  The folks behind and many at P.I.R.O. have been conducting EVP research since the late 1980s.  We still don't have the perfect system for this experimental area in the paranormal field.  We might go as far to say, any one that does claim to have this area figured out, likely doesn't know what it truly all involves. 

For those of you interested in attempting to acquire EVPs carries many digital based recorders, tape and microcassette based recorders, free audio analyzing software, many metaphysical EVP tools as well as several spirit communication packages.

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